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  • Control your voice

Quick tip

Pay attention to voice volume as you prepare to speak.

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  • Maintain control

Quick tip

Keep your pitch the same during presentations.

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  • 3 components of tone

Quick tip

Utilize and control all three elements of your voice: volume, tone and pace.

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  • Project a voice of authority

Quick tip

Create a stong first impression.

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  • 2 ways to add power to your delivery

Quick Tip

Two simple, surefire “starter tools” for more animated presentations.

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  • Speak loud and clear

Quick tip

Learn simple yet effective ways to help you create and deliver a compelling PowerPoint presentation.

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American Speaker Blog

American Speaker Blog

Speaking in front of a group doesn’t have to be scary. It can be an adrenaline rush. We’re here to help you—all of you, whether you’ve never set foot on a stage or you’re a professional orator—ease that anxiety and grow into the most effective, compelling and persuasive public speaker you can be.

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